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Eastmans Outdoors Deer Sausage and Jerky Seasoning and Bundles

With hunting season in full force and tags filling up you’ll find yourself with a lot of game to clean and prepare for eating. Eastman Outdoors offers a wide variety of wild game seasonings and easy venison sausage making kits. The Eastmanoutdoors lines of seasonings are offered in a wide variety of great tasting flavors making your deer or other meats a mouth watering treat.

Eastman Outdoors offers sausage casings for all your wild game so you can make your own sausage from the comfort of your kitchen. Add some of Eastman’s special deer recipe sausage or jerky seasoning for butcher quality flavor. Designed by expert chefs all of the Eastman Seasonings are blended to make wild game taste great!

Eastman Outdoors Wild Game Sausage Kit

This wild game sausage kit is offered in summer sausage, hickory sausage, breakfast sausage, and the variety sausage pack so you can make the venison sausages you want in a hurry. Each kit contains casings, cure, and enough special recipe deer sausage seasoning for up to 15 lbs. of game. This kit will help you produce great tasting sausage that looks and tastes great. Tip: You can add more seasoning to your sausage for extra flavor.

Eastman Outdoors Wild Game Jerky Making Kit

The jerky making kit is an easy way to curing and seasoning of all your wild game meats. Flavor your deer jerky any way you want with a wide assortment of seasonings available. Flavors available include: Hickory, Mesquite, Original, Fire Teriyaki, and Whiskey. Each pack comes with enough seasoning and cure to treat up to 5 lbs. of venison. Tip: Try combining one or more flavors for your own custom jerky flavor (Hickory Whiskey).

Eastman Outdoors Ultimate Jerky Making Bundle

Eastman’s Ultimate jerky making bundle comes with everything you need to make great quality deer jerky. The included instructional DVD provides directions for seasoning and curing using all the tools in your Ultimate Jerky making bundle. The bundle comes with cure and seasoning for up to 25 lbs of jerky and 5 flavoring packets so you can make some savory wild game jerky. You also get 3 stackable drying racks for easy cooking of your jerky in the oven!

Eastman Outdoors Ultimate Sausage Making Bundle

This bundle has everything you need to make high quality jerky from home. The included number-10 manual meat grinder and sausage stuffer tubes let you prepare and pack your wild game meat in a hurry. This kit comes with 2 seasoning, cure, and 100-percent-natural casings kits for great tasting venison sausages. The instructional DVD will help the beginner sausage maker produce great tasting and high quality sausages.