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Your Goldendoodle And The Great Outdoors

Goldendoodles have an obvious love for snow and the great outdoors. Their appearance may cause you to believe they are some fru-fru dog… but your doodle is more than that! ManyGoldendoodles enjoy being outside. Whether hiking, running, walking or just taking a nice leisurely stroll down a nice nature trail. Your doodle is very much a tom boy.

Other options for the Goldendoodle dog is a day at the lake, beach or park. Just be sure to follow and obey the rules if you take your Goldendoodle to public areas. Many parks have restrictions and some beaches do not permit doodles or dogs alike, in particular areas of the beach or at all. When taking your Goldendoodle outdoors and if you intend to have him or her outdoors for some time, there are a few essentials that are a must have. It’s a good idea to carry plenty of fresh water for not just your Goldendoodle, but for you and your family, especially if the temperatures are expected to be above 70 degrees or so.

You may also want to have some sort of backpack for snacks; a treat; some handy wipes and maybe even a small towel that you can spread out should you and your doodle get tired and need a place to sit. Make sure to pay attention to fatigue, possible heatstroke, limping and profuse panting. If your Goldendoodle refuses to budge after sitting down and refuses to continue, he or she is letting you know they may have soreness or have become too tired. Large Goldendoodles especially need to be careful since they can easily have pain in the joints if they over do it.

There are so many great games you can play while being outdoors with your Goldendoodle! Tug-of-war; treasure hunt; Catch me if you can; Fetch….get creative! Go crazy! Mix it up a little. Your Goldendoodle’s mind loves to be stimulated. Which ever game you decide to play with your Goldendoodle, don’t let him or her forget their good manners.

When taking your Goldendoodle outdoors to public areas, it is important that you have taught your doodle good manners. Some dogs get a bit carried away and may show some aggression when playing with other dogs, especially those they have just met. Some games may be too stimulating and your doodle may begin to express inappropriate behavior. If allowed to behave in this manner, these will become learned habits. Something you want to immediately nip in the bud.

Anytime you are going to begin playing a game with your Goldendoodle, you should always be the one who initiates the game. If your Goldendoodle becomes too excited, make sure to teach him or her to “let go” when told to do so. This will prevent your doodle’s teeth from accidentally having contact with your skin or even an accidental chomping. You should always teach your Goldendoodle to learn how to let go of things, on cue.

Words like, “drop” or “drop it”….”Let go”…”stop”….are good words for your Goldendoodle to learn how to pay attention to. Your Goldendoodle must know when the game ends, it ends. Another great word to use is “release”. Using long sentences with your Goldendoodle can confuse him or her. Simple, quick words that get to the point are sufficient. Always give your doodle a treat after he or she obeys your command. Sure the food is a bit of a bribe….but it’s a good bribe for your doodle to give up his or her toys.

When you are teaching your Goldendoodle to “let go” or “release” a toy, remain calm and don’t engage in pulling, tugging or forcing your doodle to give up his or her toy. As soon as you give the command and if your doodle does release the toy…be sure to immediately praise him or her. Goldendoodles are best train with positive reinforcement.

Repetitive commands with repetitive actions make for a Goldendoodle being trained much faster. If for some reason your Goldendoodle refuses to “release” his or her toy or end a game, walk away immediately. Your doodle must understand who the “alpha” of the pack is…YOU.

Goldendoodles are gifted with an incredible sense of smell. They also love a challenge. The “treasure hunt” game is great for dogs who love treats. Very few of them will turn down a tasty treat. With some practice over time, your Goldendoodle will learn to use his or her nose to spot his or her toy or treat. Hiding treats in bushes or near shrubs and then walking your doodle near the area so he or she can pick up on the scent is a fun game for your doodle. Walking them on a leash near the planted treats and then walking them away from them on the other end will increase their excitement. If allowed, let them go to the area off leash and see if they can find their “treasure”.

Many Goldendoodles love playing fetch. They love running after thrown toys and if trained properly, they can retrieve those objects and bring them back. Some doodles, regardless of size, love to chase after tossed toys, but they don’t want to bring them back! If this happens, you can take a tennis ball and tie a piece of sturdy rope to it. Hold onto the end of the rope and move the ball in all different directions to keep your doodle’s interest. Toss it in the air or move it around in huge circles. Your doodle will love the interesting variations.

Lastly, make sure you follow the etiquette guidelines when you take your Goldendoodle outdoors. Always ensure your doodle is current with his or her vaccinations including the bordetella vaccine. Dogs touch noses when they meet and greet. Your doodle can easily catch kennel cough or the dog flu unless he or she is properly updated on their vaccines. Never take your adult Goldendoodle to a public place unless you know he or she has learned social skills. If you are taking your puppy to public places, you will want to use this time to teach him or her the necessary social skills needed to behave properly. Always make sure your doodle comes to you when called. Don’t have your Goldendoodle off leash unless the public area is fenced in or you know the area is completely safe. Leave your Goldendoodle’s collar or harness on at all times. Always supervise your doodle when outdoors in public places. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!